About Us


Gossiping the Gospel (evangelism) We make the gospel of Jesus Christ evident in our lives not only by what we say but how we act. We make the gospel come alive by being and doing like Jesus Christ.


Gathering Together (worship & fellowship) We share the enjoyment of the Lord and each other by gathering around Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord to joyfully be together as the Body of Christ.


Growing to Maturity (discipleship) We understand our need to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord and offer a variety of opportunities to grow in that knowledge and live it out in the world.


Giving Time, Talent & Treasure (stewardship) We recognize stewardship is more than the giving of money but is a way of life, returning to the Lord a portion of everything he has given to us.


Going into All the World (mission) We want the world to be brought to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and we want to partner with God to make that a reality, be it in our homes, neighborhoods or to the ends of the earth.