Our Vision

We are on a journey of discovery, learning to follow Jesus and recognize the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as He guides our way. We desire to be known and loved. Our souls long for something we may not even recognize. We need healing from the wounds that life inflicts on us, feeling at times powerless and overwhelmed by an empty culture that cannot satisfy us. We live in a wounded and divided world. We have found that it is only Jesus’ love that can heal, transform, and unify us.

Through worship and prayer, we encounter God and find intimacy that refreshes and awakens us to see his hand at work in our world. With the Bible as our compass, we continue growing in Christ, learning to navigate the uncharted pathways of life together. As a community rooted in God’s love, we are learning to live powerful and productive lives. We are constantly reaching out in compassion to bring others into a personal relationship with Jesus so that they, too might be made whole.